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 The Louisiana Counseling Association (LCA) is the voice of professional counselors in Louisiana.  LCA serves the diverse issues and specialty areas of counseling including mental health, school, career, college, addiction, social justice, marriage/family, multicultural, counselor educators/supervision, interns and gay/lesbian foci.

The purpose of this site is to provide our members with convenient access to information and tools and to help promote a professional identity and a sense of community among Louisiana’s counselors.

Please browse our site to learn more about LCA, our divisions, our annual conference, a calendar of continuing education opportunities, and how to become a member of LCA.

ACA has compiled a list of resources to help professionals assist clients in navigating our post-election world.  Read more

As we enter this holiday season, we are reminded how important gratitude is our lives.   Gratitude is not just an inside attitude. Living in gratitude becomes an outward expression – the way we meet and interact with others in the world. Finding and naming points of gratitude in a relationship, whether business or personal, deepens and affirms the connection.

 Here’s why living in gratitude is an essential quality for effective leadership:

  • It makes you happy - Five minutes a day keeping a gratitude journal can increase your overall happiness quotient by more than 10%. That’s the same impact as doubling your income! Happiness attracts others – great leaders know this.
  • It affirms others - People like being appreciated for who they are and what they do. Great leaders make their team feel important and valued, which keeps them connected and committed to the goal.
  • It enhances resilience – Living in gratitude increases your ability to cope and adjust when things get rocky. Great leaders are able to change course without losing direction, keeping their team on an even keel, even when things feel uncertain. 
  • It improves decision-making – Gratitude clears away the mental clutter and helps you focus on what’s important. Great leaders keep their eyes on the prize and help their team to do the same.

It expands possibilities – Living in gratitude creates a sense of optimism and an expectation of positive outcomes.

(Taken from Sherene McHenry,  Boost Your Leadership IQ,11/2016)

CONGRATULATIONS  TO THE LCA SERVICE PROJECT "The Molly Franks Foundation (formerly the Patriot Dog Program) will be honored on November 16, 2016  during the Louisiana Governor's Gold Awards presentation as the Veterans Service Project of the Year.

Pictured here are Governor Edwards, Iman Nawash, LCA President, Brenda Roberts past LCA President and member of the Molly Frank Foundation Board with other Foundation Board members.