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All presenters must be a member of LCA unless this has been waived by LCA. *

Required field(s) are indicated by an *.

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Proposal Information

Including, but not limited to, a statement about the training you have received in this area, and/or research base of your proposal, as appropriate. Why is this topic important in counseling?

Leaning Objectives
Identify three learning objectives; at least one identifiable objective must be focused on hwo professional counselors may use the knowledge presented to help clients .

Content Areas to be addressed

Basic Session participants do not need prior knowledge of content area; these workshops are for participants who want to expand knowledge, foundation and skills. Intermediate: Session participants need basic or very little knowledge of content area. These workshops are for participants who want to expand their knowledge, foundation anda skills. Advanced: Session participants should have substantial knowledge and experience in content area; these workshops are for participants who have had years of experience in content areas such as in therapeutic practice or research.
please be specific
If you have any conflicts for any day of the conerence, please indicate this information so that if your presentation is chosen it can be scheduled correctly
By signing your name above, I/We attest that I/we have the requisite education, training, and/or experience in relational systems clinical practice (i.e. marriage and family therapy; marriage and family therapy ethics; etc) to be qualified to teach and present on the topic under review. MFT (specifics) ethics presenters must use/discuss the AAMFT Code of Ethics

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