The Louisiana Counseling Association invites all members of LCA to submit a presentation to share research projects or a novel approach to an issue.  Graduate Students should have completed the research in conjunction with a university professor or with other professionals. Click here to download an application.

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Baton Rouge Crowne Plaza

The Louisiana Counseling Association invites you to submit a poster session proposal for the LCA Conference, proposals must be received by April 1, . 

Presentation Format

 Proposal Form may be downloaded.  (see above)

Program Proposal Guidelines

  • Approximately 10 poster sessions (on Monday) and approximately 10 poster sessions (on Tuesday)  will present simultaneously.  Each poster session presentation will be assigned a specific area, which will be included in your scheduling notice as well as printed in the Program Guide.
  • All presenters must be a member of LCA and must register and pay for conference.  Poster Session presenters are encouraged to apply for an LCA Conference scholarship.
  •   Poster Sessions are designed to convey research findings and/or novel approaches to issues in a poster format.  Through an "Interactive Style" attendees will be encouraged to "stop by" and visit with as many presenters of the poster sessions as they want and engage in interactive dialogue.  Some attendees may stay for only a few minutes and then move on to another presentation while other will want to stay longer and go more in-depth on your topic.
  •  The basic content of the Poster Session should include but not be limited to the following:
    1.   A Title that appropriately describes your session
    2.   An outline of a thesis, problem
    3.   The method(s) used to achieve a solution to a problem or to implement a novel approach
    4.   If appropriate, Statistical Data should be titled and summarized in a clear, concise format.
    5.   A clear, concise conclusion
  • Your Poster must ave a professional appearance.  Use large enough print, graphs, charts or designs to be easily viewed from a distance of 8-10 feet.  We suggest using a bullet or outline format.  All type should be a minimum of 24-font size.
  • You must remain with your poster during the 30 minute scheduled time to discuss your projects, research finds and/or novel approaches  with attendees.
  • Selling of products or services during your session is not permitted.
  • Handouts:  Presenters  are required to  have handouts available at the presentation.  Handouts should be original to the presenter or used with permission of the copyright holder over the materials.

Selection of Sessions

  • Proposals will be reviewed and selected by the Professional Development Committee. 
  • Selected proposals will be notified July 1 and will agree to present at the time determined by the Conference Committee.
  •  Presenters must be members of LCA.
  • Presenters must register and pay for conference.   Presenters are encouraged to apply for a scholarship.
  •  Presenters must check in at the Presenter Registration Table and obtain the Conference registration packet.