LCA Conference Call For Programs

Call for Programs Application

Presenter Contract

On my (and my co-presenters’) behalf, should this proposal be accepted, I (we) agree that:

  1. All the information submitted on this proposal is accurate to the best of my(our) knowledge
  2. Presenters will agree to submit their handouts and/or Power Point to the LCA webpage. Conference Participant look for these handout and are disappointed when they are not available. (information concerning this will be included in the Letter of Acceptance). Presenters will agree to bring 100 hard copy handouts to the actual presentation.
  3. All presenters will register for the conference. (Registration fee will be waived for presenters attending ONLY the session they are presenting) Presenters will check in and receive their packet and badge prior to the time of their session.
  4. The individual signing this contract agrees to receive all conference correspondence and accepts responsibility for conveying conference-related information to co-presenters.
  5. Appropriate “Releases of Confidential information” have been obtained for all client materials that will be used or presented as part of this program. The responsibility of client confidentiality rests with the presenter(s).
  6. Presenters will be responsible for audio-visual equipment needed for the presentation. Any equipment rented by the presenter is the sole responsibility of the presenter (s)
  7. Individuals submitting or included in this proposal have agreed to present at the LCA conference during the time and date assigned to the presentation.
  8. If for any reason presenters must cancel the presentation, I agree to notify LCA immediately using the contact information provided. Cancellation of a presentation should occur before the beginning of the LCA Conference unless an emergency occurs.
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