Gratitude Project

Gratitude:  The power to heal, to energize, and to change lives.

The Gratitude Project was inspired by Ron, Cathey in 2008 during his year as LCA President and served as the theme to that year’s conference.  A video, group prospective, note cards, and posters were created to define gratitude and point out the benefits of the personal practice of gratitude.  Robert Emmons, Ph.D., researcher of the quality of gratitude was a keynote speaker at that conference. 

April is Counseling Awareness Month.  In an effort to celebrate the amazing work done by LA counselors and to enrich the lives of those counselors and those we serve, LCA is pairing the Gratitude Project with the month of April.  During this month we invite you to view the Gratitude video on the website and use the 30 Days of Gratitude as a guide to practice grateful living.  As you incorporate gratitude in your daily life we encourage you to share the effects on social media.  We also encourage you to share the video and guide with anyone and everyone in your community – family, clients, students, friends, social groups, churches, co-workers, etc.  By doing so we hope to enrich the lives of LA counselors as well as spread the message to those around us.  The ripple effect will be amazing! 

1.  Open your heart
2.  Be surprised
3.  Notice beauty
4.  Appreciate the ordinary as extraordinary
5.  Look around you
6.  Look inside yourself
7.  Share a smile with a stranger
8.  Recognize your privileges
9. Share your blessings
10. Be grateful for - Water
11. Your favorite food
12.  Seasons
13.  Friendships – old and new
14.  Puppies
15.  Your health – even it its less than perfect
16.  Baby giggles
17.  Family – born into or chosen
18.  Music
19.  Flowers
20.  Sunsets
21.  Quiet time/alone time
22.  A really good hug
23.  A friendly neighbor (maybe you can be the friendly neighbor)
24.  Belly laughs
25.  Opportunities to help others
26.  A really comfortable chair
27.  A good cry
28.  Parents
29.  Beautiful sunrise
30.  Your favorite color

The Gratitude Video was produced by the counseling students of Southeastern Louisiana University.  Dr. June Williams is the narrator of the video.

Click here for the video

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