Call For Programs


Conference is October 8-10, 2023 (Hybrid) at the Baton Rouge Crowne Plaza

Pre-Conference workshops (virtual only)  September 23, 2023

Please read the information below before completing the online application.

All applications must be submitted online.  Please do not submit a hardcopy application by mail.

Theme:      HELP, HEAL, HONOR

The Louisiana Counseling Association invites you to submit a presentation proposal for the 2023 LCA Conference.   President Dr. Rashunda Miller Reed (2023-24 President) encourages you to submit  a proposal that address issues that will inspire the participants.    Think about the division you belong to; is there a subject that would interest the members of that division.

Proposals must be received by April 15.


Presentation Format

 Content Session:   A 1.5 hour presentation  (Presenters may request a 3.0 hour presentation; this will be granted depending on space available.)

Poster Session:  A fifteen minute session to share research.   This is a session presented only by Graduate Students who have an active membership in LCA.  Information about the Poster Sessions may be found at  There will be a competition between the various Counselor Education Departments.  Details to be announced.  Please access this form to view what information you will need to complete the Poster Session application.

There is a separate application for Poster Sessions 

Roundtable Session:  1.0 CE clock hour opportunity.  Roundtables are  oral presentations with discussion with attendees seated around a table.  Roundtable presenters should bring targeted questions to pose to others at the table in order to learn from and with those attending. Roundtables are an ideal format for networking and in-depth discussion on a particular topic.  Information about Roundtables may be found at

The Roundtable Application is the same application as the Content Session   application below.   Be sure to mark RoundTable as the platform.  Please remember that Roundtable sessions are scheduled for 1.0 CE Clock hours

 Sessions should be classified as Introductory, Intermediate, or Advanced.  LCA leadership is requesting that   presentations be either intermediate or advanced.  Introductory Sessions would be aimed at students or PLPCs

  1. Introductory:  Session participants do not need prior knowledge of content area; these workshops are for participants who want to expand knowledge, foundation and skills.                                                                                               
  2. Intermediate:  Session participants need basic or very little knowledge of content area.  These workshops are for participants who want to expand their knowledge, foundation and skills.                                                                 
  3. Advanced:  Session participants should have substantial knowledge and experience in content area; these workshops are for participants who have had years of experience in content areas such as in therapeutic practice or research.

Program Proposal Guidelines

  • Persons in all area of the counseling profession are invited to submit a program proposal.
  • The lead presenter of the presentation must hold a masters or above in a mental health field.   Students may join their professor in the presentation but may not be the lead presenter (unless the student is professional seeking a doctorate.).  The Lead Presenter (Professor) is responsible for the content of the session and must be part of the session;  no more than a total of  four(4) presenters.
  • A presenter may not participate in more than two presentations.
  • All presenters must be members of LCA.  PROSPECTIVE PRESENTERS MUST BE MEMBERS AT THE TIME THE PROPOSAL IS SUBMITTED.  (In special situations, this requirement may be waived by the LCA leadership)
  • All presenters must register and pay for conference (at the least the day of their presentation).   Presenters are responsible for all travel travel expenses
  • Presenters must check in at the LCA Presenter Registration Table to obtain their Registration Packet and a Presenter’s Badge.
  • The lead presenter is responsible for signing the Presenter Contract, contacting all co-presenters and for all details of the submission.   
  • Audio-Visual Equipment:  LCA will provide screens, microphone, extension cords and power strips in each meeting room.  LCA will also provide a projector for each room.  The projectors are quipped with a VGA and a HDMI Cord—if a presenter is using a Mac product, adapters should be brought by the presenter.    Internet is provided at the 2023 conference. LCA does not provide any other equipment (this includes clickers for the projectors)  Please plan to bring any other equipment that you need. Presenters may rent their equipment from the conference site or they may bring their own COMPUTERS.  
  • Tablets, I-pads, ext. may not operate with projectors.  Please be sure that you have a laptop available for your presentation; LCA will not provide laptops.
  • Lead Presenter will submit handouts and power-points to be placed on  the LCA APP before the beginning of conference (a deadline date will be provided by LCA).  Presenters will also bring 100 hard copy handouts to the presentation.
  • Presenters may not use the presentation to advertise for-profit curriculum or programs that they have created.
  • Presenters may not charge a separate attendance fee.
  • Presenters must be able to attend the LCA 2023 Conference and be available to present any day/time during the conference.  Conflicts may be noted on the application.  Once the Acceptance letters are mailed, the sessions will be scheduled.   Scheduling will be based on the conflicts listed on the proposals.
  • Presenters should register for conference by August 31.  Presenters who do not register will not be listed in the Conference Program Guide or be allowed to present.

Proposal Application Process

  • Proposals will be peer reviewed in a blind review by the Professional Development Committee.   .
  • Proposals may be submitted online .  An email from the LCA office (not from the website) will confirm receipt.  If you do not receive this confirmation, contact the LCA office.
  • Reviewers will use the following rubric items to review proposals: Presenter's qualifications and experience; relevance of topic to conference theme or needs of the particular audience; relevance to ethics, supervision, diagnosis or school counselor related issues; clear and attainable workshop objects; evidence-based practices; relevance of topic to current counseling themes (for example: mindfulness); topic appeals to a variety of audiences.
  • Proposals must be completed online and submitted.
  • Submissions must be complete or they will not be reviewed.  All presenters should be active members at this time unless membership has been waived.
  • Notification of receipt of the submission will be made by email.  If you do not receive an email confirmation from the LCA office, please check with the office to assure the receipt of your proposal.
  • Decision letters will be mailed by the LCA office by July 1.
  • Once your proposal is accepted you will receive a draft of the program by email.  This is done so that you may check the information and make any corrections before the program is uploaded to the website and the APP.

Click the link below to access the online form.  The Presenter's  Contract must be signed and submitted for the proposal to be accepted.

The Professional Development Committee  has provided a proposal outline that details everything that needs to be submitted.  They suggest that you create a document with this information for yourself prior to entering it in the form so that you already have everything thought through and prepared

CE Clock hours for Presenters:  The LPC Board recognizes the work that a presenter puts into the preparation of a session.  For that reason, presenters seeking credit from the LPC board may get credit for the original presentation at a rate of 5 clock hours per one hour presentation for renewal of the licensed professional counselor license.   (For a session for which 1.0 CE clock hours are awarded, the presenter will receive 5.0 CE clock hours.)

Click here for the online Presenter  Contract.



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