Dear Colleague:

Thank you for seeking information regarding the approval of your continuing education program for CE Clock hours for LPCs and PLPCs.   The Louisiana Licensed Professional Counselors Board of Examiners authorizes LCA to pre-approve workshops for LPCs.  Approved continuing education clock hours may be used to meet the continuing education requirements for Louisiana’s LPC license renewal every two years.  

Your program must meet the following requirements to be approved:

  1.  The program must be consistent with education within any of the following content area:
    • Counseling Theory
    • Human Growth and Development
    • Social and Cultural Foundations
    • The Helping Relationship
    • Group Dynamics
    • Lifestyle and Career Development
    • Appraisal of the Individual
    • Research and Evaluation
    • Professional Orientation
    • Marriage and Family
    • Chemical Dependency
    • Supervision
    • Abnormal
    • Psychopharmacology
    • Diagnosis
    • Ethics
  2.  The participant must have direct contact with the presenters for the time specified in the application.
  3. A qualified presenter is considered to be someone at the master’s level or above, trained in a mental health field.
  4. If a program is approved to satisfy the ethics and diagnostic requirement the title of the program must reflect the subject.  Programs with titles indicating ethics, diagnosis, or supervision does not automatically satisfy those requirements.
  5. LCA recognizes the availability of home study hours through webinars or podcasts.  A webinar can be a real-time professional development with opportunities for live Q&A providing a interactive learning experience.   It may also be a video of a previously held real-time event.  A podcast are in-depth audio interviews with leading professional counselors, educators and researchers.

Addition information

  • The review process must occur prior to the presentation.  Post hoc reviews will not be considered. 
  • Please complete the application and mail it to the address listed at least 30 days prior to the date of the presentation.  The application may be emailed.  Do not fax the application.  If the program is mailed do not ask for a return signature.
  • For review of applications submitted less than 30 days prior to the date of the presentation there is an additional charge $25.00.
  • Once you program has been reviewed and approved you will receive the proper approval status letter
  • The approval of any program is for one fiscal year ONLY (July 1-June 30).   
  • Certificates must be provided to each participant who has successfully completed your program.  The certificate may be issued by you or by LCA.  If LCA is to issue the certificate LCA must receive
  1. a typed list containing the participants name mailing address, the name of the program and the number of clock hours earned.
  2. A check for $15.00 per participant.

If you are issuing the certificate,   the certificate must contain the name of the program,  the date,  the location (city) and the statement found on the approval letter.


An administrative fee is required for each educational event and is due upon application.  This fee is for the review of the application and does not guarantee approval.  The fees are as follows:                                                                                               $65.00 for a single day workshop or an online event being presented once

$130.00 for a single workshop or an online event being presented on multiple dates within a 12-month period

$100.00 for a workshop of more than one day.

 These fees may be paid by check made out to LCA or by credit card.  Fees must accompany application unless arrangements have been made with the LCA office.

Program Complaint Policy:

If a participant or potential participantwould like to express a concern about his/her experience with an LCA-sponsored ACEP event, he/she may call or email the LCA office 318 861-0657.  Although LCA does not guarantee a particular outcome, the individual can expect us to consider the complaint, make any necessary decisions and respond within 2 weeks.


Click here to access online Application.   You may pay using your credit card through  Attachments may be faxed to 318 868 3580

Click on CEU Application to download the application.   DO NOT HAND WRITE THE APPLICATION.     Illegible Applications will be returned. Applications may be mailed to 353 Leo Shreveport, LA 71105, scanned and emailed to .  PLEASE DO NOT SEND THE APPLICATION IN A PDF FORMAT.


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