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The Organizational Membership is designed for businesses, civic groups, agencies, hospitals, and other organizations that have an interest in supporting the advancement of the counseling profession in Louisiana.  An organizational Membership in LCA is available for an annual membership fee of $350.00.  These fees include:

  • One registration for the annual conference
  • Listing of the organization in the conference program and on the LCA web site
  • Opportunity to provide marketing materials for the conference attendees (i.e. bag stuffers)
  • Business card ad in the newsletter (a camera ready copy should be sent to

To join LCA and support the work of counseling in Louisiana, download the following form.

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    Allen Outreach is a 501 C(3), not-for profit agency in Oakdale, Louisiana.  Allen Outreach is governed by a local board of directors that is committed to supporting treatment services in Allen Parish without regard to one's ethnic origin, economic status, gender, age or religious affiliation.  The facility is licensed by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals to provide outpatient counseling and prevention services to combat the misuse of alcohol, tobacco, prescription medications, and illegal substances as well as other forms of compulsive behavior.  A variety of programs and activities are offered to assist clients.  All treatment is focused on developing strong coping skills, behaviors, and problem-solving techniques to live better lives.?


    The United Healthcare Community Plan is managed by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company, which has a membership of 40 million people. The plan provides low-cost medical coverage to Medicaid and Medicare Advantage recipients and is one of the largest providers of Medicaid coverage to states in the U.S.



    Located in Shreveport, Louisiana, Physicians Behavioral Hospital is a 24-bed behavioral health unit that offers both psychiatric and chemical dependency treatment in addition to extensive outpatient services through our Partial Hospital Program and Intensive outpatient Program.  Physicians Behavioral Hospital assists individuals in achieving optimal mental health, their families in learning to cope with support their loved ones in dealing with the disease process, and the community to acquire a better understanding of mental illness, its treatment, and its impact.
    (318) 550-0520 or 1-855-415-0040



    The mission of the program for the Master of Health Sciences degree in Counseling is to provide professional education and clinical experience to master’s level students who are committed to serving persons of all ages with various challenges related to physical, developmental, cognitive, and emotional disabilities or other life situations to achieve their academic, personal, career, social, and independent-living goals in the most integrated settings possible. Professional preparation of master’s level students will focus on equipping students with knowledge and skills to improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities. Master’s level students will be prepared to assume the full range of professional responsibilities required in a variety of counseling settings and are motivated to contribute to scholarship and service locally and nationally. This mission is achieved through various academic, clinical, research, and scholarly activities.

    ITI Technical College

    It is the  belief of ITI that the old proverb “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day; teach him to fish, he eats for a lifetime” has much significance, and its absence in today’s principles has left us with a poorly trained society. Therefore, it is important that the community, our students, and staff understand that we are not only in the education business, but the better life business.

    ITI believes that a technical career often provides better salary, working conditions, and self-image, which consequently result in a better life. With this belief, we exist to help men and women attain that better life. ITI employees know that they are making an impact on the quality of life in this community and our state. Our goal is to help each student succeed in fulfilling his or her dream of a better life not only for themselves but also for their family.

    By continuing to offer students a quality education and with success at graduation, ITI Technical College has assured itself of fulfilling its vision of excellence in education.


    Counsel NOLA

    Modern life takes a natural toll, and getting through can be a challenge.

    Since 2014, Counsel NOLA has provided a variety of counseling services in the office, home and community to support individuals and families. The cost-effective and evidence-based menu of services we provide reflects our singular focus on helping individuals and families function better and improve their lives.

    Along with assisting with the day-to-day challenges of individuals, couples and families, we have specialized experience addressing the needs of families in crisis or struggling through transition.
    504 371 5512

    Pax Renewal Center/ Private Practice Business Consulting

    “We have been called to heal wounds, to unite what has fallen apart, and to bring home any who have lost their way.” (-Francis to the Friars. Legend of the Three Companions, # 58)

    The professional staff at the Pax Renewal Center (located in Lafayette, LA), are in the business of helping clients with relationship problems, marriage and family issues, grief, compulsive behavior; issues related to depression, codependency, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma resolution and other life issues. 

    Along with professional counseling services, Dan Jurek, LPC-S, LMFT, founder and director of the Center offers Private Practice Business Consulting for counselors and therapists who want to start or grow their private practice. Private Practice Business Consulting focuses on: problem solving, business oriented strategic innovations that are solution focused so that your private practice can be EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT AND PROFITABLE.

    University of Holy Cross New Orleans  Counseling Department

    Our Graduate Counseling program nurtures students and helps them to become self-developing, competent professionals who will be an asset to the community, both personally and professionally. Through teaching, research, and public service, these programs foster not just intellectual learning, but also encourage the students to develop themselves spiritually, culturally and with a sense of responsibility. Our alumni serve as professional counselors in a wide variety of fields throughout Louisiana and are known for their knowledge, skills and compassion.
    504 398 2149

    Trusted Provider Netowrk (TPN.Health)

    Trusted Provider Network (TPN) is a professional network specifically designed for licensed clinicians and vetted treatment providers to confidently navigate client behavioral health.

    We offer local community with a national reach to providers who meet the highest code of clinical services, ethics, and professional standards.

    Licensed clinicians, such as LPC, PLPCs LMFTs and PLMFTs social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, doctors,   make up most of the TPN network. Graduate students are also granted membership in a “view only” mode. When they are officially licensed under their governing body, they will have full access to TPN.Health features as an active member of TPN.Health.

    TPN.Health is the exclusive clinician’s network where trusted behavioral health providers can gain recognition for clinical services. Join TPN.Health today to enhance your clinical practice and streamline your referral process so you can focus on what really matters - providing the best possible care.

    Horizon Rehabilitation Center, Inc

    Located in Monroe , the mission of Horizon Rehabilitation Center, INC. is to provide dedicated staff to teach skills that enable our recipients to be successful and satisfied in any daily living environment by improving functional skills and increasing the awareness of environmental resources to decrease the need for hospitalization.                                                                                                                                             Horizon Rehabilitation Center, INC. reflects a recovery model. It was founded on the principles of normalization in the community. Mental Health Rehabilitation Services are based upon the precept that the community and family are two of the most powerful institutions. The principle  of the primacy of the family, family empowerment, and usage of multiple community resources is reflected in the treatment programs provided by Horizon Rehabilitation Center, INC. The expected outcome for our recipients is for them to remain in the least restrictive and least intrusive environment. It is expected that recipients should be able to live culturally competent lives. All services provided by Horizon Rehabilitation Center, INC. will adhere to CASSP principle. The principle assures that the agency’s services are culturally competent, family focused, child center and community based. The multi-planning system allows the company to provide services in the least restrictive an least intrusive manner available.

    R)C with Knowledge & GRIT, Inc.

    Rock-N-Grit is a Professional Counseling practice in Dry Prong, LA with healthcare providers who have special training and skill in assessing patient mental health and treating cognitive, psychological, and behavioral disorders using a wide variety of therapy techniques. Professional Counselors at Rock-N-Grit perform diagnosing and treating mental and emotional disorders, providing therapy to clients in individual and group settings, research into advanced therapy techniques and applications, and referral to medical mental health professionals as needed . Professional Counseling is a healthcare specialty centered on providing mental and emotional guidance and therapy to treat mental, emotional, and addictive disorders. Significant diseases and conditions treated at Professional Counseling practices include anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), behavioral disorders, phobias, bereavement, marital hardship, attempted suicide, drug and alcohol addiction, sexual abuse, . Medical tests, procedures and therapies provided by Professional Counseling practices include psychotherapy, cognitive behavior disorder (CBD) therapy, crisis management, mental health assessment, intelligence quotient examinations, marriage counseling, one-on-one therapy sessions, anger management therapy, and stress management.
    (318) 955-8035

    Affinity Counseling Center

     Affinity Counseling Center offers a variety of online therapy services that allow you to attend counseling in the comfort of your own surroundings. Our mission is to provide quality and effective treatment to busy individuals, couples, and families.  Affinity clinicians are specifically trained to provide a wide variety of mental health services including anxiety treatment, counseling for depression, trauma counseling, couples therapy, family counseling and life coaching. Through tele-therapy, we offer a personalized approach tailored to our clients individual needs to help them attain personal growth. Whether you're looking for extra support, guidance through a challenging situation or you’re ready to move in a new direction, we are ready to help you find your way.



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