2016 Conference Program & handouts


  The Louisiana Counseling Association has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP #2019.  Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified.  LCA is solely responsible for all aspects of the program.         


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 Conference Handouts

Conference Handouts will not be available until September

1. Acceptance and Commitment Theory          

2.  Ethics in Supervision    

3.  Teaching a Couple a New Dance                                        

4.  Play Therapy: Assessment and Treatment of Childhood Anxiety

5.  Ethical and Legal Aspects of Spirituality in Counseling      

 6.  Red Cross Mental Health Crisis Training

7.  Empowered: Helping Counselors Uncover the Positive Parent With their Clients

8.  Adults Can Play, Too:  Utilizing Play Therapy Techniques with Adult Clients

9.  Solution Focused  Consultation

10.  Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity

11.  Attachment Styles and the Counseling Relationship

12.  Current Treatments for Autism: A Systematic Review of Best Practices 

13.  Supervising Clinicians of Mandated Clients

14.  Career Exploration in Schools Using Expressive Arts     

15.  Slowing Down to Go Faster: Using Resistance Therapeutically

16.  Loyola Lecture Series 1:  Trout Fishing in America: Tandem Couples Therapy with Multi-Symptom System                                                

17.  Current Issues Facing the Counseling Profession   

18.  I’m so Fancy: Counseling African American Girls    

19.  Faces of Military Culture: Making Therapeutic Connections   

20.  Cancelled

21.  Bipolar Disorder:  Mechanisms and Treatment

22.  Loyola Lecture Series 2: Trauma Conceptualization and Assessment   

23.  Diagnosing Adults Who Experience Sexual Trauma in Childhood

24.  A Systemic Approach to School Counseling 

25.  Bringing Creativity to Middle School Counseling    

26.  Data Driven School Counseling

27.  Tip of the Iceberg: Beneath-the-Surface of Culture 

28.  Cancelled

29.  Loyola Lecture Series 3:  A School Counselor’s Perspective   

30.  Private Practice Management  

31.  Ethical and Legal Issues: A Review of Custody Issues

32.  Using DBT with Adolescents and Their Families                                      

33.  Managing Counselor Burnout: Promoting Wellness in Managed Care

34.  When What We’ve Always Done Doesn’t Work Anymore: Working with Today’s College Students

35.  Community Reintegration Following Youth Court Involvement

36.  Loyola Lecture Series 4:  Implementing Child Parent Relationship Therapy     

37.  Saving Our Society: Professional Counselors as Agents of Change   

38.  The School Counselor’s Link to the Clinical World    

39.  Resume Writing: A Necessary Skill in your Search for Career Placement  

40.  What All Counselors Should Know About the ADA Law

41.  Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling Minor Clients        

42.  Expecting the Unexpected: Active Shooter Preparation    

43.  Sexting:  What Clinicians Need to Know

44.  Loyola Lecture Series 5:  Addiction Conceptualization and Assessment

45.  Diagnosing and the School Counselor    

46.  How to Get Credentials and Bill Insurance   

47.  Mentoring Professional Women in Counseling: Ethical Mentoring Toward Leadership      

48.  Counseling Children and Adolescents with Trauma    

49.  Play Therapy in Schools:  Implementing a Fun Effective Program     

50.  Five Questions to Ask your (Potential) Supervisor                     

51.  Preparing for an Active Shooter Events within a School System : Identifying Fatal Flaws   

52.  The 2016 ASCA Code of Ethics: Guidelines and Applications      

53.  Using Focal Conflict Therapy to Enhance Leadership of Psycho-Educational Groups

54.  Bullying and the Emotional Mind: Using DBT Theory to Foster Residency   

55.  An Ever Changing World: The Ethical Use of Technology in Supervision

56.  Are you Taking Control of Your School Counseling Program?

57.  Surviving the First Year as a School Counselor  

58.  Spirituality in the Workplace

59.  Ethical Decision Making and the 2015 AAMFT Code of Ethics  

60.  Improving School Performance Scores                                                    

61.  When I Grow Up:  College and Career Planning for Elementary Students

62.  Play is not Just for Children: How to Integrate Expressive Art Techniques for Counseling College Students

63.  Cancelled

64.  Ethical Issues with Counseling Adolescents in Private Practice    

65.  Evolving Addiction Treatment Beyond the Traditional Model        

66.  Teaching Clients Social Skills with Sugar and Spice   1   2

67.  In Search of our Spiritual Self Within the 2016 Contextual Setting 

68.  Everything You Need to Know to Apply to Become a Ramp School: A Guide for School Counselors                                                                             

 69.  LPC, Mental Health and Police Swat Negotiations

70.  Jump Start 1    Jump Start 2

What is the Deal in Networking: Graduate Student Networking Session



Raising the Bar

Youth Suicide