Louisiana Association of Addiction and Offender Counselors

The Louisiana Association for Addiction and Offender Counselors seeks to advance the counseling knowledge among counseling professionals working with clients who deal with addiction and offender issues. The mission of LAAOC is to be a high quality resource organization which supports prevention, treatment, research, training, and advocacy for the addicted and forensic/criminal justice populations.

Membership in LAAOC will give you the opportunity to access the most current and effective treatment strategies from state and national experts in the fields of addiction and offender counseling.

Addiction affects at least one in five families.  As a result Addiction and offender Counselors in every discipline will directly encounter the impact of addiction in their practices.  All counselors benefit from having a working knowledge about addiction and the devastating effects this disease has on individuals, their families, and communities.  Most importantly, the most current and effective treatment strategies will be shared among colleagues.

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Dues: Professional $5.00; Student $3.00

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