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The members of the Louisiana Counseling Association are deeply appreciative of all Louisianians for heeding the directives of state and national officials as we cope with the developing and continuing crisis related to COVID-19. We also appreciate all the workers in the medical profession and first responders who are working countless hours to attend to all our citizens. We are thankful for all of you in essential occupations who continue to leave the relative safety of your homes each day to address the needs of our communities. And we are grateful for the LCA members who have completed telehealth training to provide counseling support to our fellow citizens during this stressful time.

We are currently experiencing a time of social unrest in both our nation and our country. As counselors, each of us is tasked with being on the front lines, in some form or another, during these times of crisis. That it’s happening in the midst of another makes it all the more wearying, but no less important. To remain silent, therefore, is a luxury that we cannot afford, and that those whom we serve can afford even less. Because racial and social injustice, as well as systemic oppression, affect each and every one of us, in some way, we offer these words.

To those among us for whom this struggle has been lifelong, we see you. We hear you. We stand with you, shoulder to shoulder, and offer our unequivocal support. We are proud of the increasing diversity within our membership, but we also acknowledge that it is still lacking and we are actively seeking ways to change that, and anything else which may help to make LCA a better servant of our clients, our membership, and our profession. To those struggling with this in earnest for the first time, who may feel helpless, confused, even defensive in the face of something so massive and seemingly overwhelming, we offer you the chance to help fulfill the aforementioned promise.

Because we, none of us, are helpless, nor is this hopeless. Change can happen, has happened within the lifetimes of each and every one of us. It just must continue. Growth, done properly, never stops, and we are charged with aiding it. There are many forms this can take. Each of us has a voice and, raised together, we can be heard.

If you cannot protest, advocate in another form. Contact your representatives at the local, state, and federal levels and inquire how they plan to address these issues. Advocate for expanded services for minority communities who are often ignored. Learn more, then do more. Listen. Take responsibility for educating yourselves about the struggles of minorities in America, both historically and currently, so that their needs can be better met. Remember that multicultural literacy is part of our basic code of ethics. Step outside your comfort zone in order to help others expand theirs. Don’t be afraid to talk to your colleagues, friends, and family about social injustice. Perhaps most importantly, remember that we are all in this together. That’s the entire message underlying all of this, even if there are divisive voices attempting to draw attention from that. We are all in this world together, and we all share that responsibility with, and to, one another. Stand with us.

The purpose of this site is to provide our members with convenient access to information and tools and to help promote a professional identity and a sense of community among Louisiana’s counselors. Please browse our site to learn more about LCA, our divisions, our annual conference, a calendar of continuing education opportunities, and how to become a member of LCA.

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Welcome to the New LCA Member Portal

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When LCA members log in, the site will automatically access the Member Portal. The new Member Portal provides access to all member functionality available to LCA members.

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The Community Bulletin Board

The LCA Community Bulletin Board (Community) gathers professional counselors virtually, 24/7/365, so that members can support one another in advancing the mental health profession and their individual careers through collaboration, continuing education, volunteerism, and building relationships. The LCA Leadership hopes that you will use this as you did Tradewing and Facebook.

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2024 LCA Annual Conference

October 13-16, 2024

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