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Professional Liability Insurance   

The professional liability insurance coverage available through HPSO provides coverage 24 hours a day whether you're on the job, off-duty, and even if you change jobs. Whether you are employed, self-employed or a student, this broad coverage includes the following valuable benefits:

Policy Features

            •   Up to $1,000,000 each claim professional liability coverage
            •   Up to $3,000,000 aggregate professional liability coverage
            •   Occurrence-based Coverage
            •   Pays Your Defense Costs
            •   Deposition Representation
            •   Defendant Expense Benefit
            •   License Protection
            •   24-hour coverage

Plus, you get these additional coverage, up to the applicable limits of liability, at no extra costs:

            •   Assault Coverage (not available in Texas)
            •   Personal Liability coverage
            •   Personal Injury coverage
            •   First Aid Expense
            •   Medical Payments
            •   Damage to Property of Others

To read more about HPSO or to apply for insurance click here.

The new counselor liability report created by HPSO and CNA contains statistical data on counselor malpractice claims, license protection claims, deposition assistance claims and record request claims, along with highlights from the 2013 Qualitative Counselor Work Profile Survey. 

Also included in the report are legal case studies, risk management recommendations, and a risk control self-assessment checklist designed to help minimize counselor liability exposures.  

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