This award is established to honor and recognize an LCA member who has taken the initiative to advocate for the counseling profession on a local and/or state level. In so doing, the nominee has increased awareness about the counseling profession making it stronger and more visible in the state of Louisiana.

Criteria for Nomination and Selection: 

  1. Service is defined as work done or duties performed primarily with the intent of benefiting or giving assistance to others rather than for personal gain.
  2. This work should be of a nature to promote the counseling profession and should have widespread and general effects rather than being limited in scope.
  3. Service should be primarily with the counseling profession.
  4. Service should be related to the areas of interest of one or more LCA divisions. 


Nomination Procedure:

      1. The nominee must be an LCA member. Nominations for this award may be made by any LCA Division or member.
      2. The nomination packet will include:
        1.  Completed LCA Awards Nomination Form. 
        2.  Completed Biographical Information Form. 
        3.  A nomination letter identifying the nominee, the specific award and a description of the specific contributions the nominee has made as an advocate for the counseling profession and those served. 
        4.  A maximum of three supporting letters from others familiar with the nominee and his or her accomplishments may be submitted. Letter writers need not be LCA members

Nomination Guidelines

  1. Describe some examples of the nominee’s service at the state level which promote the counseling profession and benefits of this service.
  2. Explain how these actions relate to areas of interest to the counseling profession in general or one or more of LCA’s divisions. 

Selection Procedure:

      1. All nominations will be made on the proper form and must be received by LCA Awards Committee Chair on or before August 31st each year.
      2. The LCA Executive Director will verify the nominee's LCA membership.
      3. The Awards Committee will meet at a specified time to review the nominations and make the selection using the specific criteria.
      4. The LCA Awards chairperson or other designated person will announce the award recipient at the appropriate public occasion or at the annual convention.
        Nomination form and all required documents should be submitted via the online form.
         Click here

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

LCA Awards Committee Chair

Dr. Chantrelle D. Varnado-Johnson, LPC-S, RPT, NCC

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