LCA Awards

Each year the Louisiana Counseling Association (LCA) recognizes persons who have made significant contributions to the counseling profession and LCA. Awards are presented at the LCA Annual conference held each fall. However, nominations are accepted throughout the year. Awards presented are:

*The LCA Research Grant Award is given in the amount of $500 for research. The research grant will not be given annually, but will be given in those years when the interest/donations have accrued to $500 above the base of the amount of $2,000.  The LCA Graduate Student Award will not be given annually but will be given in those years when the interest/donations have accrued to $500.00 above the base of the amount of $2000.00.

2013 Awards Include the following:

  • Distinguished Professional Services:  Dr. Carolyn White
  • Distinguished Legislative Services:  Senator J.P. Morrell
  • Humane and Caring Person:  Dr. Donald Anderson
  • Graduate Student Award:  Latrina Raddler
  • Advocacy Award:  Dr. Jennifer Curry
  • Poster Session Award:  Molly Holmes, Caitlin Bach, and Anna Edelman
2014 Awards include the following:
  • Humane and Caring Person:  Cathy Green-Miner 
  • Graduate Student Award:  Kelli Hollis Smith
  • Advocacy Award:  Karen Swanson Taheri
  • President's Award: Eric Odom
2015 Awards include the following:
LCA Graduate Student Award: Chris Lauer                                                
LCA Advocacy Award: Dr. Alice Cryer-Sumler                      
LCA Distinguished Professional Service Award: Dr. Reshelle Marino                            
LCA Distinguished Legislative Award: Louisiana State Senator Yvonne Dorsey-Colomb


2016 Awards include the following                                                                                                                  

  • LCA Humane and Caring Person Award:Susan Thornton, Ed.D., LPC-S                                          
  • LCA Distinguished Professional Service Award:  Denise Latour, M.Ed., NCSC, NCC                                                                        
  • LCA Graduate Student Award:  Madelynn Fellon                                                                                                                          
  • LCA Advocacy Award:  Representative Paula Davis                                                                                                          
  • LCA Presidential Awards:   Michelle Robichaux and Jessica Aslin


2017 Awards include the following:

  • Distinguished Professional Award:    Dr. Ariel Mitchell
  • Human and Caring Award:   Dr. Latifey LaFleur
  • Graduate Student Award:  Sean Brite
  • Legislative Award:  Senator Jean Paul Morrell
  • Professional Development Award:  Dr. Gloria Bockrath
  • Presidential Awards:  Ida Ansell and Ashley Lopez
  • Advocacy Award:  Dr. Mary Feduccia
  • Research Award:  Dr. Jennifer Curry

2018 Awards include the following:

  • Distinguished Legislative Service Awards:  James Steele
  • Distinguished Professional Service Award:  Dr. Laura Fazio-Griffith
  • Graduate Student Award and $200.00 Grant:  Ida Ansell and Oriel Romano
  • Humane and Caring Person Award:  Dr. Kerry Scott
  • 2017 Best in Show Award:  Laura Smestad and Tralana Eugene
  • Advocacy Award:  Dr. Reshelle Marino


All nominations must be made by current members of LCA. All nominees, with the exception of the Distinguished Legislative Service Award, must be current members of LCA.

Any member wishing to submit a nominee may select the award names above to determine criteria for nomination and selection.    All nominations and supporting documentation are due on or before August 31st.

Please click the link to access the nomination form

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Awards Chairperson 

Dr. Chantrelle D. Varnado-Johnson, LPC-S, RPT, NCC


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