The 2022 LCA conference is bringing back the Pre-Conference Sessions on Saturday, September 24

Please be aware: one workshop is scheduled for two days September 23-24

Please look at the workshop description to learn if your workshop is virtual or in-person and the beginning time for each workshop

6.0 hour session Member pre-registration $75.00; Non-Member $150.00

3.0 hour session Member Pre-registration $50.00; Non Member $100.00

Registration for the pre-conference workshops is separate from the 2022 LC A Conference registration.

You may access the pre-conference registration @

Pre-Conference Workshops:

1."Dyadic Couple Therapy: Ethical Considerations and Intervention Strategies".
Virtual on the LCA Community Bulletin Board (Tradewing)
9:00 am 12:00 1:00-4:00 pm - 6.0 CE clock hours
Couple therapy is widely recognized as the “treatment of choice” for marital and relationship concerns. However, increasingly dyadic-based therapy is utilized to address a wide-range of mental health and life adjustment concerns – such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse and addiction recovery, trauma recovery, and education and career issues.

This six (6) hour preconference workshop will provide an overview of ethical and procedural considerations for working effectively with “individual problems” within a dyadic context. Specific intervention strategies will be presented and discussed for bringing about needed change.

This workshop will present how MFT or LPC practice can be expanded and incorporate dyadic couple therapy. Ethical considerations, such as confidentiality, will be examined. This workshop will also include an examination of the delivery of clinical services in a traditional “face-to-face” office setting, as well as using “on-line” platforms. Intervention strategies utilizing a dyadic approach for addressing specific clinical issues – both DSM-V diagnosed and non-diagnosed – will be examined.CEU credit

This workshop will provide three (3) hours of CEU credit in the area of “Ethics” and three (3) hours of CEU credit in the area of “Diagnosis and Clinical Practice” – for a total of six (6) hours of CEU credit. The presenter is Dr. Brian S. Canfield. LPC, LMFT, AR, Master Adiction Counselor Register @

2. DSM-TR-5: Overview of the Changes
Virtual on the LCA Community Bulletin Board (Tradewing) - 1:00-4:00 - 3.0 CE clock hours in Diagnosis
Register @

This 3-hour presentation by Dr. Gary Gintner, LPC-S will give an overview of the changes to DSM-5.

3. CPR/First Aid Training In-Person @ Astor Crown Plaza- 6.0 CE Clock hours 8:00-12:00 1:00-4:00

Counselors who work in several settings (schools, universities, law enforcement, and/or agencies) must have a CPR/First Aid Training. This training will offer this opportunity.This workshop is being offered by Vikki Wilbon, RN, CCHC of Rosebud Healthcare

4. Animal Assisted Therapy Core Competencies Course Bundle
Virtual on the website of the Tele Health Certification Institution. This is a two day session - 9/23-24, 2022

Are you interested in animals assisting you during your counseling sessions? This pre-conference event teaches you the most essential competencies of Animal Assisted Therapy. This program provides live demonstrations on a therapeutic farm, live interaction, and practical skills which you can implement into your practice.

This specialized program also completes a significant amount of the training you need to earn your Animal Assisted Therapy Interventionist (AAT-I) Credential.

This program is provided by Telehealth Certification Institute LLC.

By attending this program during the LCA pre-conference, you save $190 with reduced conference pricing.

This pre-conference event provides the following four webinars and earns you 13 contact CEs for the discounted price of $200:

  • The History of AAT and AAT Principles - 9/23/22, 9am-10am CST, 1 CE
  • AAT Competencies and Multicultural Considerations - 9/23, 10:30am-12:30pm CST, 2 CEs
  • Introduction to Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy - 9/23/22, 1pm-5pm CST, 3.5 CEs
  • Animals as Co-Therapists: Exploring Animal Assisted Interventions Across Professions - 9/24/22 CST, 6.5 CEs

Earn your AAT-I Credential

You can earn your AAT-I credential by completing the following courses in addition to this pre-conference event:

1) Online self-study course bundle which includes the following courses:

  • Animals as Co-therapists: Selection, Behavioral, and Training Considerations, 2 CE
  • Animals as Co-Therapists: Blending Animal Interventions with a Range of Professional Theoretical Orientations, 11 CE
  • Developing Treatment Plans and Tracking Outcomes, 10 CE

2) AAT-I 3-day live intensive course on a therapeutic farm in the Outer Banks! (March 24-26, 2023)

Earning the AAT-I credential requires attending the pre-conference webinar bundle, the online self-study bundle, and the 3-day live intensive course. We will have more options for completing the 3-day live intensive course in the near future. Learn more about the AAT-I Credential.

5.Forensic Evaluator Training Workshop
Virtual on the NBFE website

In partnership with the Louisiana Counseling Association(LCA), the National Board of Forensic Evaluators, Inc. (NBFE) announces our exclusive forensic mental health evaluator certification training event on Saturday, 9/24/22,online, enabling mental health professionals across the country to attend remotely. NBFE is the only forensic certification organization officially endorsed by AMHCA.

Forensic mental health evaluation is an impactful and lucrative area of specialization for licensed mental health professionals, yet few counselors, social workers, and marriage and family therapists are exposed to this unique specialty in their graduate training. Whether you plan on working full time in forensics or just wish to supplement your practice with an additional funding stream, this credential can help you establish yourself as a forensic expert. If you already work in the forensic field, this credential can boost your resume, sharpen your evaluation skills, and enhance your reputation as an expert.

In partnership with LCA, NBFE is offering an 8-hour forensic mental health certification training workshop for licensed mental health professionals. Participants can attend online through Zoom's webinar platform.

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