Louisiana Mental Health Counselors Association

The Louisiana Mental Health Association serves professional counselors who work in community mental health centers, public or private agencies, private practice or prevention oriented settings. This division promotes the standards of preparation for private practitioners. The members of this association are concerned with the delivery of quality mental health services to children, youth, adults, families and organizations.

The mission of the Louisiana Mental Health Counseling Association shall be to:                                A.       promote the profession of mental health counseling;

B.       provide a system of information exchange between mental health counselors through dissemination of a newsletter and other educational and professional materials;

C.       provide programs for mental health counselors to assist in updating and enhancing competencies;
D.       promote legislation which recognizes and advances the profession of mental health counseling;
E.        provide a public forum for mental health counselors to address the social, emotional and developmental needs of their clients;
F.        provide an alliance with mental health counselors, and other mental health providers in other work settings to advance the profession of mental health counseling;
G.       promote minimal training standards necessary for mental health counselors;
H.       promote scientific research and inquiry into mental health concerns;
I.         provide a liaison to work at the state and national levels with other professional groups to assist in the advancement of the mental health field;
J.         provide the public with information to enhance awareness of mental health counseling, and the competencies and services of its practitioners; and
K.       promote licensure and certification for mental health counselors on the state and national levels.

Dues: Professional $12.00; Student $6.00

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