LCA Committees

Committee Chairs are part of the LCA Executive Board.  While the committee chairs may not vote on issues brought before the Board, they may express their ideas on all issues.


Committee work is an important way to be involved in your profession and shape the future of counseling in Louisiana. LCA seeks energetic and conscientious LCA members to serve on committees. Please consider your potential contribution as a committee member and submit a volunteer form for consideration as a committee member.  LCA committee involvement is a source of both personal and professional growth. We encourage you to consider what you can gain and what you can offer by becoming involved in our committee structure.

Members of LCA committees are appointed each year, and a member may serve on the same committee up to three consecutive years.   Terms begin on July 1 and end on June 30.

If you would like to volunteer for a committee please click here, to complete the committee volunteer form online.


General Information

  • Committees serve as part of the LCA Executive Board participating in the governance of the Association.
  • Except for the Nominations and Election, LCA Journal, Newsletter, Finance, and Membership Committees, the President appoints the chairperson of all committees.  
  • Members of the committee are volunteers selected by the Committee Chair (s).


Standing Committees are established by the LCA Bylaws. 

  • Archives
  • Awards  
  • Bylaws 
  • Membership
  • Professional Development
  • Public Relations 

Ad Hoc Committees are named by the President and confirmed by the Board as needed to conduct special activities of the Association

General Responsibilities of Committees

  • A budgeted amount of LCA funds is available for expenditures by the committees. Committees are responsible for monitoring expenses and remaining within the budgeted amount.
  • Committees may arrange for a virtual meeting through Tradewing Community Platform.
  • Committee meetings are arranged by committee chairpersons through the headquarters office.
  • When committees arrange for letters, mailing, printing of materials for distribution and mailing of those materials, committee reports, etc. through the LCA office, any expenses incurred will be charged to that committee's account. Bills, invoices, and receipts for expenditures must be submitted to the Business Manager for payment or reimbursement.
  • Committee chairpersons are responsible for submitting plans of action, budget requests, and annual reports to the LCA Executive Director.
  • An annual written report of the committee activities and status is submitted to the President on or before June 1 of each fiscal year. (LCA By-Laws)  
  • All committee chairpersons should keep a file of their committee's work to provide orientation to new committee chairpersons.
  • All committees should make a practical, informational report to Lagniappe at least once a year. The article should pertain to their area of concern. The Lagniappe Editor will make the schedule and inform committee chairs at the Leadership meeting in the summer.
  • The action plans for the LCA Committees are developed using the goals assignments from the LCA Strategic Plan.

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