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Application for the Leadership Academy

Up to eight LCA members will be selected to join this hands-on, highly experiential leadership development opportunity designed specifically for promising state leaders. LCA’s Leadership Academy will refine and strengthen the leadership skills of those selected for this dynamic program. The ultimate goal of the program is to identify and nurture future generations of LCA Leaders.  We encourage you to apply for this incredible opportunity!

Applicants selected to the  LCA Leadership Academy Class will:

  • Attend a series of leadership workshops and training sessions during the LCA annual conference.
  • Learn more about LCA’s history, governance process, and strategic initiatives.
  • Meet with current and past LCA leaders in a small group environment, thereby increasing the opportunity for high quality, one-to-one interactions.
  • Learn more about leadership opportunities within LCA, including leadership positions associated with LCA committees, special interest groups, and task forces.
  • Develop lifelong relationships with other LCA members interested in leadership opportunities within the organization.
  • Prepare for future leadership positions on the LCA Board.
  • Identify a twelve month Leadership Action Learning Project and carry out the project with the support of members of the LCA Board of Directors.  Presentation of project will be at the next LCA Conference  

LCA Leadership Academy participants will benefit from:

  • Waived LCA annual membership for one year upon successful completion of Leadership Academy.
  • A $100 stipend to support Leadership Action Learning Project.
  • The opportunity to expand leadership potential and explore leadership opportunities through LCA.
  • Ongoing support and mentorship by a member of the LCA Board of Directors.

Applications are now available and can be accessed on the LCA website (  We urge all LCA members, including graduate students and new professionals, to apply for this unique training experience.  Contact Ron Cathey at for more information.


Please include the following information and attach as a supplement to this application:

  1. Include a resume or vita outlining your professional and educational experiences.
  2. List relevant leadership positions you have held in LCA or any other national, regional, state, or local organizations; provide a brief description of your responsibilities.
  3. Include a statement that includes (a) your commitment to attend the next two annual LCA conferences, (b) your ability to fully participate in and complete this unique 2-year leadership academy opportunity, and (c) plans to pursue a future LCA leadership position.
  4. Responses to the following three questions, with each response provided on an individual page. Please limit your responses to one page per question.
    1. What background, experiences, and/or characteristics do you possess that demonstrate your promise as a future LCA leader? Describe your commitment to the counseling profession and your desire to serve in a leadership capacity for LCA.
    2. Describe an individual in your life who has modeled for you the attributes of a true leader. What characteristics does she or he possess that strike you as particularly relevant to leadership?
    3. If you were a member of the LCA Board of Directors, for what issues and/or initiatives would you be most likely to advocate? Why are those issues and/or initiatives of particular importance to you?
  5. Include 2 reference letters endorsing your leadership skills and abilities and specifically endorsing your promise as a future LCA leader.

All applications received by the deadline will be considered. Selections will be based primarily on an individual’s promise for future leadership within LCA and her or his commitment to the counseling profession. Following an initial review of applications, a group of  LCA Past Presidents reserves the right to conduct phone interviews with applicants to narrow the pool of applicants to those who will be selected to join the 2013/2014 LCA Leadership Academy Class.

Deadline for Applications is July 30,  .  Applications may be sent electronically to, via fax to 318-257-2936, or via mail to:

Leadership Academy Applications
P.O. Box 3177
Ruston, LA 71272

All notifications will be sent to applicants no later than August 9.

If you have any questions, please contact Ron Cathey, LCA past-president, at or at 318-257-2488. Decisions regarding acceptance into the LCA Leadership Academy will be made by the LCA Past Presidents.

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