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Definition of the member categories:

Professional Members: Individuals who hold a Master's degree or higher in Counseling or a closely related field from a college or university that was accredited when the degree was awarded by one of the regional accrediting bodies.

Regular Members: Individuals holding membership with LCA & one LCA division whose interests and activities are consistent with those of the Association, but are not qualified for Professional membership.

Retired Members: Individuals who have previously been Professional members but are now retired from the counseling profession.

Student Members: Individuals who are rolled at least half time as degree seeking students in a counseling program in a regionally accredited institution.

A Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor: Individuals who is registered with the LPC Board and is under supervision and has not received licensure. Dues include membership in the Counselor Intern Association of Louisiana.

My Membership Enrollment
$80.00  Professional
$45.00  Student
$45.00  Retired
$45.00  Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor
$80.00  Regular


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