Roundtable Sessions

 Roundtable presentations are among the mot flexible format offered at a conference, and will look quite different  from session to session.  The one t hing that the sessions have in common is that each allows for extended discussion among a small group.  Roundtables are excellent venues for giving  and receiving targeted feedback, engaging in in-depth discussions and meeting colleagues with similar interests.

Roundtables are 60 minute oral presentation with time at the end for discussion.  The title of this type of session comes from the actual physical set up of the session.  When you walk into the session room, there are round tables with 8-10 chairs .  When all chairs are filled, the room moderator will ask the standing participants to go to another table. Once the presentation begins, there is no movement among the tables.


1.  Roundtables do not use audio-visual aides.

2.  Roundtable presenters do have handouts illustrating their work; presenters contact information should be part of the handouts to encourage follow-up.

3.  In a Roundtable, the present's job is to use your expertise and insight to help others unmderstand the information.  "Interpret; don't just report"

4.  Offer a summary at the end.

5.  Be aware that there may be participants with disabilities.  

If you are interested in presenting a Roundtable session, compete the Call for Programs for Roundtables.

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