Excited to Announce


The Louisiana Counseling Association is excited to introduced the Inaugural Leadership Developmental and Mentoring Institute on Friday, February 23 in New Orleans.

The Leadership and Mentoring Institute (LDMI) is designed to connect counseling professionals and Counselor Educators with less than 5 years of experience and graduate counseling students to state and national mentors over the course of a year, or beyond, for intentional collaboration on creating a professional development project. The Institute begins with the day-long workshop in February to be held at Loyola University, New Orleans, and after months of collaborative mentoring, concludes at the 2018 LCA conference. At that time, the chose mentees will participate in poster presentations, outling each mentee's professional developmental project. The Institute is designed to benefit both mentors and mentees, as it creates an opportunity for mentorship, collaboration, and networking on various leadership levels.  

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