LCA Signs a Partnership Contract with NBFE. Read More.



The National Board of Forensic Evaluators is a national , not-for-profit professional organization.  NBFE's certification is one of the nation's only acclaimed training and certification program.  Historically, forensic mental health evaluators have been psychologist and more recently psychologist, NBFE offers the training and certification to other mental health professional.  NBFE is a viable way to obtain the experience and supervision necessary to do forensic mental health work.

For more information concerning NBFE and the requirements to become a Certified Forensic mental health evaluator:

The partnership between NBFE and LCA gives licensed and provisionally licensed LCA members a $200.00 discount to the cost of the certification program.  In addition LCA will offer an 8-hour workshop at no extra cost which will  count toward the 40 hours of training.

The webinar "Introduction to Forensic Mental Health Evaluation for Counselors" is viewable at


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