Job Opening: Government Relations and Advocacy Specialist


LCA is proud to announce that we are adding a new staff member:

Government Relations and Advocacy Specialist

The Government Relations and Advocacy Specialist leads the government relations functions of the Louisiana Counseling Association (LCA). In consultation with the LCA lobbyist and the Government Relations committee, plans and executes a comprehensive, proactive government relations strategy that advances LCA's mission and goals with policies and laws that affect the counseling practices of LCA members. The Specialist serves as liaison and advocate between LCA and its membership to answer questions and address concerns from members about matters that impact their work, especially as it relates to licensure, policy, and laws and advocates for them with appropriate entities.



  • Provide leadership to the Government Relations Committee by creating a committee the members of which consists of the Government Relations Chair of each LCA divisions and selecting a member from the geographic areas in Louisiana. The specialist will host the Government Relations Committee meeting at the annual LCA conference. Communicate with committee members about upcoming and ongoing bills in the legislature and obtain their perspectives on these bills to decide LCA's position on them. Lead virtual Government Relations Committee meetings throughout the year as needed.
  • Provide training for LCA members to communicate with legislators about bills of interest and motivate them to be involved in legislative efforts at the state and national level that affect the LCA membership. Provide training to members about how to advocate for the counseling profession. Develop strategy for each region of the state to be represented by counselors who will communicate with their legislators in person or through email, letter writing, and phone contact.
  • Organize Town Hall meetings throughout the state when education about bills of critical importance to LCA is needed and enlist member support for communicating with legislators in their districts to support or oppose these bills. These meetings may be held by Zoom.
  • Spearhead the development of plans for special projects, such as legislative receptions, gift bags to legislators, LCA Day at the Capitol, etc. and others as needed.
  • Establish and maintain working relationships with other mental health professional organizations in Louisiana to enlist their support or opposition to legislation of interest to LCA. Host, co-host, or attend the Annual Mental Health Legislative Forum prior to the legislative session to further enhance these relationships and to provide information about bills of interest to LCA in the upcoming legislative session.
  • Serve as an advocate for LCA members by helping them improve communications, diffuse tensions, or resolve conflicts regarding policies that affect them as members of the counseling profession.
  • Attend the Louisiana State Board of Licensed Professional Counselors bi-monthly meetings and provide a report at meetings about LCA's legislative and advocacy activity.
  • Attend the LCA Board meetings and provide a report about legislative and advocacy activity. Contribute an article about Government Relations and Advocacy to the Lagniappe each time it is published.
  • Establish good contacts with key entities such as the Louisiana Department of Health, the Louisiana Department of Education, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, and others as appropriate and contact them when advocacy is needed.


  • Work closely with the LCA lobbyist in addressing the legislative needs of LCA members.
  • Work with LCA lobbyist in monitoring all bills of interest during every legislative session.
  • Closely monitor and be responsible for developing the language for all LCA-sponsored bills.
  • When necessary, work with other groups to advocate and protect LCA members’ interest.
  • Attend committee and chamber sessions at the Capitol to support or oppose bills that affect the LCA membership.
  • Maintain communication and build professional relationships with legislators to garner their support for bills that affect the LCA membership.
  • Monitor legislation and policy activities and communicate with and advise LCA leadership and membership to analyze potential impact of particular legislation or polices on LCA members.
  • Monitor legislation and policy activities at the federal level about bills that affect counselors in Louisiana, such as reimbursement for Medicare clients. Lead efforts in enlisting member support for communicating with district Congressmen.
  • Work closely with each division Government Relations chair to address the legislative needs of the counselors in the various work settings.
  • Work with the LCA lobbyist to send weekly updates during the legislative session to members, including appeals for email and phone contacts with their district legislators.
  • Work with the LCA Executive Director to communicate legislative updates to the membership.

Starting salary $1000.00 a month

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