The Community Bulletin Board


The LCA Community Bulletin Board (Community) gathers professional counselors virtually, 24/7/365, so that members can support one another in advancing the mental health profession and their individual careers through collaboration, continuing education, volunteerism, and building relationships.

The LCA Leadership hopes that you will use this as you did Tradewing and Facebook.

When you click on the Bulletin Board Button, You will see several options:

Members: This is a directory for all LCA members indicated you did not want to be included in the directory you will not appear under this section

  • The calendar will list dates which are important to LCA
  • Documents
  • Post to Community
    1. When you post to Community, you are "Adding a Thread"
    2. The title of the thread will allow us to group the posts by subject. This is new and will allow us to access earlier posts with ease.
    3. You will be automatically subscribed to the community overnight, and you will start receiving weekly updates from the community postings

The LCA Community Bulletin Board can be accessed from the Member Portal page.


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