Walking the Clinical High Wire with Couples, Families and Legal Involvement: Ethical Management of Risk

11/6/2020 - 11/6/2020
8:45 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: East Jefferson Gen Hospital Conf. Ctr., 4200 Houma Blvd, Metairie

In this workshop, Deb and participants will examine the high-risk nature of clinical practice in 2020. Deb will present vital information for participants’ ethical responses in this litigious day and age. Also, Deb will facilitate discussion of participants’ case examples, as well as her own work defending clinicians in Louisiana and Colorado who have faced legal and ethical dilemmas in their clinical practices.

Deb will help participants develop ethical, self-protective strategies to avoid the high-risk case turning into the nightmare case! As a seasoned clinician, who has a firm belief in protecting clients and guarding their confidentiality, Deb’s suggestions always are fashioned to protect the therapeutic relationship and the client and therapist from bullying, harassing legal activity.

We will be discussing numerous case examples furnished by participants and culled from Deb’s legal practice in Louisiana and Colorado, which provides much grist for the training mill! Additionally, Deb will teach participants a relatively simple step-by-step approach for ethically responding to subpoenas for records, depositions, and/or trial testifying. Deb will help participants learn how to prepare for litigation events such as depositions and trial testifying.

  • I. Ethical Obligations in the Context of Couples and Families
    • A. Why Couples and Families are Considered High-Risk Clients
    • B. Certain Risks Inherent in Treating Couples and Families
    • C. Specific Clinical and Legal Challenges When Working with Couples and Families: Case Examples (Deb’s and Participants’ situations)
  • II. Ethically Responding to Subpoenas & Dealing with Attorneys
    • A. Self-Protective, Client-Protective Procedure upon Receipt of Subpoena
    • B. Subpoenas for Records, Deposition or Trial Testimony
    • C. Preparing Clinician and Clients for Legal Involvement of Either/Both

This workshop will award 3.0 CE clock hours in Ethics.  This workshop was not reviewed for NBCC credits.

For more information:    https://beyond-ethics.com/registration-for-ceus/  beyond.ethics.deb@gmail.com


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