Motivational Mondays: Motivational Interviewing Online Training Series

11/16/2020 - 11/16/2020
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Location: zoom webinar, zoom webinar

The workshops will award 2.0  each for a total of 8.0 Clock hours in Diagnosis; it was not reviewed for NBCC credits.

The workshops will follow this agenda:


Session 1- Accurate Empathy in Motivational Interviewing: Accurate empathy is an important principle in motivational interviewing for the skilled application of OARS (the core skills of open-ended questions, affirmations, reflections and summarization). This webinar will explore the concept of empathy and share strategies for building your (and your clients’) empathy skills.   Register

Session 2- Eliciting Change Talk in Motivational Interviewing: Research shows that the more a client talks about change, the more likely they are to actually make the change. Too often we focus on problem-solving before the client is engaged in the change process. This webinar will share strategies for evoking change talk and responding and reinforcing change talk.  Register:

Session 3- Developing Discrepancy in Motivational Interviewing: Sometimes eliciting change talk is challenging when a client or patient is focused on not changing. The excuses to not change is called sustain talk. Essentially, the individual may lack problem recognition and engage in sustain talk to avoid talking about change. This webinar will explore how to respond to sustain talk and strategies to develop discrepancy toward problem recognition.   Register:

Session 4- Building Hope and Confidence in Motivational Interviewing: For some clients struggles with confidence interfere with progress toward change. These individuals may be very interested in change but have a lot of fears that get in the way. This webinar will explore the connection between hope and confidence and strategies to help clients renew hope and build confidence in their ability to change.  Register:

For more information:   Lindsay Simpson   evidencetopractice@lsuhsc.edu_


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