Sex, Desire & Attachment with Emily Nagoski, Ph.D.: New Science & Strategies to Transform Couples’ Sex Lives

11/2/2020 - 11/2/2020
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Location: virtual, virtual

“Am I normal?”

The client’s refrain in the therapy room – over so many issues that arise during clinical sessions.

We’re taught how to discuss almost any topic with relative skill and comfort, but we leave the matters of sex, attachment and desire to the sex educators and experts.

No longer do you need to shift in your chair, or feel your face flush.

Join Emily Nagoski, PhD, author and sex education expert, for this live webcast and leave with NEW knowledge:

  • The Body Arousal System – you’ll be amazed at what you don’t know!
  • The Science of Attachment - from the sex and desire perspective
  • Sex and The Trauma Survivor – the understanding and language you need to give the client

Emily Nagoski has been hailed by Sue Johnson, Ed.D, developer of Emotionally Focused Therapy as “a breath of fresh air in the sex and relationship field.”

John Gottman, PhD, praises her book Come As You Are as “the best book I have ever read about sexual desire and why some couples just stop having sex, and what they can do about it.”

Dr. Nagoski’s early career included interning at the highly regarded Kinsey Institute, and she currently travels internationally to speak on sex and desire to professionals and nonprofessionals alike. Her TED talks continue to receive accolades.

You’ll also walk away knowing:

  • How to respond to lack of desire
  • Ways to address feelings of anger & loneliness
  • Strategies to help your clients reconnect sexually
  • How to help your clients maintain strong & lasting sexual connections decades into theirrelationships

This day-long live webcast will give you the knowledge and skill to effectively help clients understand that their concerns over sexual normalcy are just that – normal. Some topics may lend themselves to comfortable clinical conversations – sex typically is not one of them, but you can do more and make improvements that signal to your client your willingness and knowledge to listen and guide them.

Don’t miss this rare training by a renowned expert in sex education designed for behavioral health clinicians like yourself. You’ll not regret how you spent the day – and your clients will thank you.

This workshop will award 6.25 CE clock hours for professional counselors; it was not reviewed for NBCC credits.

For more information or to register:

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