Understanding the Client Who ‘Lives Online’; Digital Technology & Sex

4/16/2021 - 4/16/2021
1:00 PM - 4:15 PM
Location: Live webinar, Sponsored by TPN; 3.0 CE clock hours, Cost: Basic Account: $90 (One-Time Fee; No Subscription Required) Premium Subscribers: $45 Unlimited Subscribers: $30,

Understanding the Client Who 'Lives Online'
While much fear and hype has been created in the past decade by well-meaning clinicians and the media, the actual role and effect of digital media on family life has yet to be fully understood and researched. So, what can a useful, caring mom, teacher, counselor or therapist offer today to families struggling with issues such as digital boundaries, cyberbullying and tech stressors, as well as problems like online gaming, gambling and sexuality? This timely, engaging talk, gives attendees a chance to revisit, reshape and challenge their beliefs about how digital technology is affecting family life, relationships, school, therapy and the workplace. Blending current research with historical references, this talk provides clarity in an area where many can be under-informed or even downright confused.

Digital Technology and Sex
Modern technology continues its generational and cultural influence, as we are all drawn into increasingly sophisticated and immediately accessible online content and interconnectivity. While many aspects of this evolutionary process are both useful and even essential for successful business and social interaction, increasing numbers today's clients are seeking help negotiating the digital world. More specifically, many younger clients are eager for our help with online dating and intimacy problems as well compulsive abuse of digitally delivered pornography, app based hookups and digital dating, problems that simply did not exist a decade ago or less. As a problem and addictive online sexual activity that is costing people their jobs, their marriages, their families and more while also contributing to drug and alcohol abuse and relapse.

The speaker is Robert Weiss PhD, LCSW is Chief Clinical Officer of Seeking Integrity an online and a residential intimacy disorders program treating men with sex and porn addictions as well as men with co-occurring drug and sex problems. 

this workshop is approved for 3.0 CE clock hours.  NBCC credit is not available for this program.

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