3-Day Certified Integrative Mental Health Provider (CIMHP) Training Course

11/15/2021 - 11/17/2021
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location: Live webinar; Sponsored by PESI; Cost: 599.99; 19 CE clock hours in Diagnosis, Live webinar

Integrative Mental Health Counseling is a progressive form of therapy that combines different therapeutic tools and approaches to fit the needs of the individual client. Using integrative therapies, we modify standard treatments to fill in developmental gaps that affect each client in different ways.

Become a Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional and learn how to empower your clients to take control of their health to reach all their goals—from weight loss to stress management, resolving chronic conditions through mind body medicine, to nutrition, exercise, sleep, gut health and more.

By combining elements drawn from different schools of thought and research, integrative therapy becomes a more flexible and inclusive approach to treatment. Drawing on a holistic approach to mental and physical health we look at the whole person. Counselors can motivate, empower and inspire wellness by combining a unique approach to look at how healing the body heals the mind and how healing the mind heals the body.

Our clients present with a lifetime of symptoms. Using an integrative methodology, we can teach them to become self-sufficient by learning to observe the body’s responses to various lifestyle and dietary modifications. Thus, choosing health promoting behaviors. Our body’s work as a system and we can rebalance this system by developing strategies to incorporate into client care. Providing the newest science of nutrition, stress management and building resiliency.

As a Certified Integrative Mental Health Provider, you will enhance their clinical skills to help facilitate behavior and lifestyle change that will have a lasting, positive impact on their well-being.

As a clinician, you can go beyond therapy by supporting your clients in good health, awareness, and empowerment to heal their bodies and minds.

The presenter is Colleen A. Burns is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, LMHC, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor LADCI, a Certified Integrative Health Coach and Certified Mind-Body Practitioner.

The workshop will award 19 hours in Diagnosis; no NBCC credit is available for this program.

To register:  https://catalog.pesi.com/item/90147#tabFaculty


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