LCA Community Bulletin Board FAQ

What is the LCA Community Bulletin Board?

  • The LCA Community Bulletin Board is an online community, hosted on the Tradewing platform, that gathers professional counselors virtually, 24/7/365, so that LCA members can support one another in advancing the mental health profession and their individual careers through collaboration, continuing education, volunteerism, and building relationships. You can access the Community Bulletin Board at We hope you will use the LCA Community Bulletin Board just as you would use Facebook.

Where do I download the mobile app? What is the Tradewing mobile app?

  • Installing the mobile app is the best way to stay connected with the LCA community. Search "Tradewing" in either the iOS or Android app store.

How to:

Who can access the LCA Community Bulletin Board?

  • The LCA Community Bulletin Board is a private online community for current LCA Members. If you are a current member and are unable to log in or access the community, please contact Diane Austin at

How do I log in to the LCA Community Bulletin Board?

How do I reset my password?

  • Your password for the Community Bulletin Board is the same password you use to access the LCA website. Please click “Forgot your password?” on the LCA Community Bulletin Board’s login page.

How do I accept the Code of Conduct?

  • Sometimes the “Accept” button at the bottom of the Code of Conduct is cut off due to the size of the screen. Please zoom out on your computer by clicking View > Zoom out until you can see the checkbox on the bottom left and the “Accept” button on the right.

How do I update my profile information?

  • Either click your initials/picture in the top right corner and click “Edit Your Profile,” or go directly to Click “Edit” at the top right corner of your About Me or Info profile sections. Click “Save” at the bottom of the section to save your changes.

How do I add a profile picture?

How do I update my email notification settings from the LCA Community Bulletin Board?

  • Go to For each group in the LCA Community Bulletin Board, you can turn notifications to Realtime, Daily, Weekly, and Off. You can also turn on/off notifications around private messaging, mentions, and event reminders.

I’m not receiving email notifications from the community. What can I do?

What are tags?

  • Tags are popular topics that LCA members can follow in the LCA Community Bulletin Board, such as “Job Openings.” All posts marked with that tag will be visible by clicking on the tag from the bottom of a post or from the Tags page located in the left-hand menu.

What does following a tag do? What notifications will I get?

  • To follow a tag, click “follow” next to the topics listed here a tag bumps that topic to the top of the Tags page for easier access, and ensures that posts marked with that tag show in your community feed.

How are new tags created?

  • Tags can only be created by LCA staff. If you have a suggestion for a new tag, or topic, to follow in the LCA Community Bulletin Board, please let Diane Austin know at

Who do I contact for technical support?

  • Please click “Contact Support” at the bottom of the left-side menu or from the drop-down menu for help on technical issues in the LCA Community Bulletin Board. This will connect you with Tradewing, the platform that hosts the LCA Community Bulletin Board community.

Division Groups:

How do I join a group?

As a division leader, how do I add and remove users from groups?

  • Go to the Members Tab on your group page. Click on the three dots next to a current member to remove them from the division group page. To add new members, click on the plus sign next to the search bar, type in the person’s name, and then click the plus sign to add them.

As a leader, can I get an export of my group members from the LCA Community Bulletin Board?

  • Yes. Please reach out to LCA’s Community Manager Lauren Berg at, or click Contact Support.

As a leader, how can I host events for my division on the LCA Community Bulletin Board?


How do I renew my membership?

How do I receive CE credits from Ask the Expert webinars?

  • If you attended the event live, Diane will send the certificates to you shortly after the event. If you watched the recording of the event under Events > Past, please fill out the Google Form listed in the chat box in the event space, and then email Diane Austin at to let her know that you have completed the form.

How often do Ask the Expert events happen, and when is the next one?

  • The Ask the Expert webinar series happens monthly in the LCA Community Bulletin Board Community from 11 am-12 pm CT on the second Friday of each month.

Virtual Events

How do I join an event on the LCA Community Bulletin Board?

  • Click on the event name listed under Events > Upcoming. A “Join” button will appear5 minutes before the event start time, enabling you to join the virtual event then. We recommend you use Chrome to join events in the LCA Community Bulletin Board.

How do I start participating in an event?

  • Click on the Start Participating button located at the top right of the event page. If you do not see that button, you may not be allowed to participate in that particular event; please use the chat box to ask questions of the event speakers.

What do I do if I can’t hear people during an event?

  • Refresh the URL or web page in which you are viewing the event.
  • Confirm your sound is playing through your expected speakers, rather than another device that may be connected by Bluetooth.

How do I get my camera to work?

  • Make sure you have enabled camera and microphone access on your computer, and if you’re having trouble, try to clear your cookies and cache or access the event in an incognito window.
  • Also, please click the lock in the top left corner of Chrome to ensure you have granted access to your camera and microphone.
  • Please ensure your browser's permissions are granted to have access to your camera and microphone (in Chrome, type into the URL bar: chrome://settings/content).

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